ESG - Our sustainability report

Since its beginning in 2004, Fairpoint Outdoors A/S has been selling fishing gear. During the last few years, it has become more evident that we must aim for products with a more sustainable footprint. Habitats for fish worldwide are under pressure from both pollution and overfishing. Our sustainable strategy is designed to support our business model and at the same time contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and secure our commitment to the UN Global Compact.

In 2022, Fairpoint Outdoors aims to become a signatory to the UN Global Compact. Our operations are governed by the Principles of the UN Global Compact related to human rights, working life principles, the environment and prevention of corruption. This report constitutes our first annual Communication on Progress to be submitted to the UN Global Compact. We will continue to support and contribute to the development of the principles of the UN Global Compact and report on progress annually. Environmental Social Governance (ESG) reporting is our disclosure of environmental, social and corporate governance data. As with all disclosures, its purpose is to shed light on our company's ESG activities while improving transparency.

See Fairpoint Outdoors A/S Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Report 2021/2022 (ESG) here



BSCI - Our responsibility

During the recent years, Fairpoint Outdoors has focused on the emphasis of their responsibility to help improving the working conditions in their supplying factories worldwide. As a member of The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) a leading business-driven initiative for businesses wanting to improve working conditions in supplying factories, we are able to network and exchange best practices to better the labor standards, work ethics, health and safety and the environment in the global supply chain.

This by using a holistic and simple approach. The goal of BSCI is a world of free trade and sustainable global supply chains in which factories and farms are compliant with labor legislation as well as with ILO Conventions protecting worker’ rights. We support our supplying factories in meeting all BSCI requirement. Accredited, experienced and independent third-party auditors carry out inspections at the factories. Discrepancies, identified during inspections, the auditor will address and monitor at a re-audit. At Fairpoint Outdoors, we will continue to encourage the improvement of the working conditions.